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The full package! Comes with three tote bags, a Forest Travel Charger and the Ecodesk Wireless Charger!



The EcoDesk Charger will not only look great, but will also help keep things organized. Compatible with all smartphones that support QI wireless charging, this sleek and modern accessory will become a staple on your desk. Comes with two tote bags.



Compatible with QI-enabled devices, the Forest wireless charger stands out from the crowd at meetings, conferences and events. It features a beautiful surface made from FSC® Certified wood. Travel case included. Comes with two handy tote bags.

EcoDesk Charger


Compatible with smartphones that support QI wireless charging. The sleek and modern design of the EcoDesk Charger will help keep your desk organized and stylish. No two are the same due to the FSC® Certified natural wood grain and Cluo hummingbird.

Forest Travel Charger


Compatible with smartphones that support QI wireless charging. Slim and lightweight, it's perfect for travel or your bedside table. No two are the same due to the FSC® Certified natural wood grain and signature Cluo hummingbird. Travel case included.



Grab a tote bag for yourself and one for a friend or family member. Or keep them both and carry twice as much! Thoroughly tested for busy and adventurous lifestyles. *Groceries sold separately.

Canvas Tote Bag


Made from recycled cotton, the large canvas tote bag is embroidered with the stunning Cluo hummingbird. Durable and made for heavy loads, it can be used for school, shopping and more. Don't forget to scan the Mobius Loop sewn into the bag using Cluo!